About Us


Alloyplas is an engineering, manufacturer and installer of Air Pollution Control System for Chemical Fumes, Dusts, Welding Fumes, Oil Mist and many more. Our expertise is in Fume Scrubbers, Dust Collectors, Welding Fume Collectors and Oil Mist Collectors


Alloyplas was incorporated in 1989 as stockist and fabrication shop for engineering plastic products found in industrial applications.

Over the years, we have grown to become on of the leading plastic fabricators with our philosophy in Quality Products, Versatility, Industrialized service and On-Time Delivery. Our product lines find their usage in sewer plant, water irrigation, residential and commercial plumbing, water treatment plant and many other industrial applications.

Alloyplas’s plastics fabrication expertise extends to a variety of custom made application. On-site design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to develop special products to meet our customer’s need.

Malaysia leading

Air Pollution Control Solution Provider,

Plastic Fabricator and Piping Specialist