Laboratory & Ventilation

Alloyplas provides a range of products that are found in the use of laboratory application such as Fume Hood, Laboratory Furniture and Volume Control Dampers. Alloyplas’s RESIST®Captur Fume Hood is highly corrosion resistant that can cater to laboratory use of highly aggressive chemical for their testing. To complement the highly corrosive application, the exhaust ventilation also requires the need of highly corrosion resistant material.

Alloyplas’s RESIST®Control Volume Control Dampers are made of fully corrosion resistant material that can withstand a wide range of chemical fume and at the same time, provide effective control of ventilation from each Fume Hood or exhaust ventilation source. If required, a comprehensive designing of the ventilation system will provide cost effective and energy saving solution to our clients.

Apart from Laboratory application, high corrosion resistant Dampers are also demanded in semiconductor industries where their production processes uses corrosive and aggressive chemicals. Alloyplas provides a complete turnkey solution to ensure the entire exhaust ventilation system can withstand the harsh corrosive condition from such application by providing an entire ventilation ducting system to be installed with corrosion resistant material.